Gothic Laboratory Privacy Policy


制定 2010年2月14日
最終改定 2010年2月14日
Gothic Laboratory
柳井 幸平

 当ブランドはお客さまの氏名・生年月日・住所・ご購入頂いた作品 内容等の個人情報の保護に関し、以下の取組みを実施いたしております。




その場合は、個人情報の保護が十分に図られている企業を選定し、個人情報保護の契約を締結する等必要かつ適切な処置を実施いたします。 なお、法令等に基づき裁判所・警察機関などの公的機関から開示の要請があった場合については、当該公的機関に提供することがございます。



Enact February 14, 2010.
The final revise February 14, 2010.
Gothic Laboratory
Kouhei Yanai

This brand is executing the following approachs for the protection of individual information on customer's name, date of birth, address, and the bought content etc. of the work.

This brand observes the law concerning individual information and other standards, and carries out thorough to the protection of customer's important individual information.

I will handle this brand of customer's individual information properly within the following target range.
・Guiding, the event notification, and additionally, the claim on the personal identification and the charge, changes in the charge and the guarantee condition, and new works must lie provided with this brand service.
・Other sent individual information such as sales encouragement, questionnaire surveys concerning our service, and premiums according to various media such as telephone, E-mails, and mailing
・Develop an improvement of the service of this brand or new service.
・Inquire, and answer the consultation.
The purpose of use etc. might be individually provided by another and serve questioning about the above-mentioned purpose of use.
Moreover, when receiving it in the telephone with the customer, I might record the telephone call for the service improvement in accurate grasps of the order and the content etc. of comments or opinions and the futures.

To handle it as customer's individual information is proper, it takes measures concerning prevention like the education of the brand bylaw degree maintenance of the system of management in the reaching brand and the employee, the unlawful computer access to individual information, the losses of individual information, destruction, falsifications, and the leakages, etc. appropriate this brand of personal information.. tried by attempting it continuing the review.

This brand will do neither disclosing nor the offer of customer's individual information to the third party. However, it is likely to offer it within the range necessary to achieve the above-mentioned purpose the business consignment ahead.
In that case, I will execute a necessary, appropriate select the enterprise from which the protection of personal information is attempted enough, and conclude the contract of protection of individual information treatment. When indication is requested from the statutory boards of the court and the police organization, etc. based on the law etc. , it is likely to offer it to a public organization concerned.

I will correspond promptly within the reasonable range if it is possible to contact our following window when disclosing customer's individual information etc. are hoped to the customer.
- The commission in which the cost is considered might be added when the cost of the addition is needed as special indication and the notification means are requested and it receive it.

In this brand, to correspond to the change in the law and other standards again to attempt the protection of customer's individual information, the privacy policy is revised. I will inform you on the homepage when there is a revision.